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Core Services of the Company

Human Capital Development

• Human Capital Development
• Labour Relations Support
• Human Resource Policy Management

Business Process Re-Engineering

• Business Process Re-engineering
• Business Flow Monitoring and Evaluation
• Strategic Planning and Management

Protocol and Logistics Management

• Event protocol and logistics coordination

Project and Operations Management

• Project Management
• Motivational/Transformational Sessions

Social Outreach and Community Development

• Work shop Facilitation
• Music and Edutainment Programme
• Communication and Change Management
• Social Outreach and Community Development

Company Core Values


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    Client Testimonials

    “I would recommend anyone to do business with Value Added Services for these simple reasons; delivering value for your money, communicating on time, dressing properly for the occasion, being able to deliver that message with the meaning you want to deliver, the ability to execute projects in a timely and 

    seamless manner…You begin to make your case to win that contract, penetrate that market the moment you enter the room before you open your mouth. That is what Value Added Services delivers”
    Cliff Hughes,

    Nationwide News Network

    “Rotary is affiliated with Value Added Services through Fabian. We have done several projects together, specifically, the Clan Clarity High School Interact Club…. He has a lot of years invested into community development. He is always trying to add value to people…he brings out the best in people. … I would definitely recommend Value Added Services”
    Tayana Wong

    Charter President, Rotary Club of Trafalgar New Heights

    “One of the key things that Value Added Services offers is Value Engineering and that is where I have seen Fabian Brown transform a business model in terms of making it more functional and relevant”
    Princess Scott

    Public Sector Professional

    Value Added Services Limited
    Value Added Services (VAS) is a registered business dedicated to the strategic development and growth of local and international entities, organizations, individuals and communities.

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