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Value Added Services (VAS) is a registered business dedicated to the strategic development and growth of local and international entities, organizations, individuals and communities, with a focus on human capital development, labour relations and innovative operational management. It is the brain-child of one of Jamaica’s experienced and skilled Executives working in collaboration with qualified and dedicated local and international partners. Since its inception in June 2006, VAS has achieved great success and continues to provide a value-added experience for its clients.

The organization enjoys an impeccable track record of quality, consistent work and actionable feedback to clients and stakeholders, and has worked with a wide range of clients both locally and internationally with the Principal of the organization actively involved in every aspect of every client engagement from start to close.

VAS, led by its principle Executive, has an extensively impressive track record and experience, having provided his services to local, regional, international, state and official events; and have successfully executed projects and contracts within the public sector, tourism and hospitality industry, the social services sector, the private sector and within the religious community.


Company Vision

Value Added Services Limited, the authority and leader in human capital, organizational management and development in the Region.

Company Mission

To offer a global standard of innovative and strategic direction, by positioning individuals and organizations towards achieving exponential growth and success.

Company Core Values


Executive Management Team

Fabian G. Brown, JP,

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Development Specialist and Consultant

Fabian Brown is a vastly experienced social and business professional with a wide range of competencies in human resource management, strategic and operations management, executive training, protocol and logistics management, project planning and management, and social development. His professional experience spans the private, public and social services sectors. He also maintains a passion for youth, community and social development within rural and urban communities and serves as a Board Director on a number of organizations while supporting various service clubs. 

As the CEO and Chief Development Specialist/Consultant, Fabian Brown oversees the strategic vision of the company and leads the delivery of the company’s wide range of services and management support initiatives. 

Damion Anglin

Director of Corporate Services

Damion Anglin is a charismatic and talented professional with skillsets ranging from administration, content development and hospitality services to organizational coordination and planning. Damion has designed, coordinated and executed programmes across the public, private and social services sectors with a primary focus of utilizing the performing and creative arts. The core of his professional training comprises Tourism Management and Human Resource Development.

As the Director of Corporate Services, Damion Anglin oversees the company’s business development processes, human resource functions, daily financial management and content development requirements.

Danille Stewart

Company Secretary

Danille Stewart is an experienced and accomplished administrative professional, researcher and tutor with significant experience in marketing, communication and social development. She has served on several research teams and has been professionally engaged in various activities spanning communication analysis and planning, general administration and management, project management, proposal and technical report writing.

Danille has been with Value Added Services Limited since its inception in 2006 leading the research and documentation functions of the business. She supports the management and implementation of the business processes of Value Added Services in the capacity of Company Secretary.

Taniesha Palmer

Executive Business Administrator

Taniesha Palmer is an Administrative and Human Resource Professional with a background in Tourism and Hospitality, Business Administration and Human Resource Management strengthened by a cumulative 10 years of experience. Her calm disposition, meticulous attention to detail only compliments her strong work ethic and controlled sense of urgency to ensure success. Highly skilled in managing the operational functions of our business, she brings a strong productive element to the business ensuring that we are always in a state of readiness to effectively activate any business opportunity.

Taniesha anchors our business operation, human resource and administration arm to include recruitment and document creation. People-centric and vigilant, she approaches every challenge with great optimism.

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    Value Added Services Limited
    Value Added Services (VAS) is a registered business dedicated to the strategic development and growth of local and international entities, organizations, individuals and communities.

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