Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development

The Human Capital is the most valuable asset to an organization. Value Added Services prides itself in the ability to effectively facilitate the process of people development in a company or organization in order to continuously allow the business to gain competitive edge over its competitors through the delivery of excellent service. Our mandate is to inspire, motivate and empower employees in a way that reflects in the optimal delivery of professionalism and service.

Our training and development programmes are designed to ensure individuals are equipped with and benefit from the most innovative and self-empowering opportunities to excel in their personal and professional growth. This will be achieved through a series of tailored training engagements that align with the overall mandate of the organization. Our programmes will also facilitate opportunities for individuals to elevate their knowledge base, skillsets and qualifications, which can in turn prove beneficial to the organization and empower individuals in their quest for upward mobility and career advancement.

Labour & Industrial Relations Support

Value Added Services Limited possesses an experienced cadre of human resource professionals and legal practitioners that will be able to develop, direct and support the establishment and execution of effective protocols in dealing with labour relations. Among the host of support services that our company offers, we will guide and support organizations through the handling of policy development and review, legal matters, redundancy exercises, disciplinary hearings, union negotiations and other necessary labour related incidents requiring quick and strategic action.

Human Resource Policy Management

A major component of the effectiveness of an organization, is its Human Resource policies. A thorough and detailed Human Resource policy will provide the necessary framework for an organization to manage its human capital and put in place protocols and structures for managing the process of employment from recruitment, training, development, retention and separation. Value Added Services Limited will support organizations in developing and reviewing their Human Resource Policies to ensure that important aspects of the employment processes are distinctively recorded and employed, and staff are adequately training and aware of same.

Workshop Facilitation

Value Added Services provides expertise in the design, planning and execution of workshops based on the needs of our clients. Our approach is to ensure the most effective use of resources while achieving the greatest level of output.

Our Aim 

  • To effectively position the needs of our clients in an interactive, easy to learn method
  • Utilize modern technologies and concepts in keeping with evolving global trends specific to the industry of our clients
  • To deliver a world-class session that seeks to achieve the objectives of our clients in enhancing productivity and organizational growth 


  • Sharpen your knowledge in an evolving global industry.
  • Employees will feel valued when resources are spent to increase their knowledge and capabilities.
  • Increase and expand your business network.
  • Re-energizes ideas, the organization and its growth.
  • Make succession planning easier. 
Human Capital Development Services

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