Project and Operations Management

Strategic Planning and Management

The foundation of any organization of business is having a strategic plan; identifying the core focus of the operation and the subsequent actions necessary that support the achievement of the overall business focus. Value Added Services Limited will work to guide operators in the path of creating solid strategic plans that possess all the specific and measurable inputs required in attaining the ultimate goals. The expertise of the principles of VAS has supported several organizations in structuring their foundation in order to build and achieve their envisioned success.

- Clear strategic direction
- Increased productivity and efficiency through clear process flow and operating procedures
- It increases operational efficiency
- It helps to increase market share and profitability
- It can make a business more durable
- Structures business growth and sustainability
Operations management
Value Added Services facilitates partnerships between international organizations and institution with local entities within the public and private sectors in alignment with their respective missions and mandates.

Camera Surveillance Technology Solution

In executing its mission in the field of innovation, VAS has identified an opportunity for enhancement within the safety and security sector as a niche market, and as such, has entered that market with an intelligent camera surveillance technology solution.

Agriculture and Ecotourism
VAS has extended its vision into the agricultural and ecotourism sector so as to effectively blend the mission of the Foundation whereby opportunities can be afforded for the growth and development of rural communities whilst at the same time advancing the profitability of its core business.

Emergency Medical Services
Value Added Services has identified as a niche market, the provision of an emergency medical service with its unique offerings specific to geographic locations within urban and targeted rural and urban communities.

Communication & Change Management

We guide, prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

Our Aim
- Establish a culture of innovation and creativity
- Empower agents of change
- Effectively communicate change
- Encourage a culture of critical thinkers to effectively and positively respond to change

- The organization can respond faster to customer demand
- Effective use of resources within the organization
- Change management allows the organization to assess the overall impact of a change
- Change implementation without negatively affecting the day to day running of business
- Organizational effectiveness and efficiency is maintained or even improved by acknowledging the concerns of staff
- A seamless process of implementing change
- Employee performance increases when staff feel supported and they understand the change process
Value Added services

Motivational/ Transformational sessions

Value added services through its principal director delivers motivational and transformational talks geared towards empowering, inspiring and motivating individuals to appreciate their value in their personal and professional space. These sessions offers participants the necessary techniques to put their best foot forward.

Project and Events Management

Value Added Services offers expert and professional knowledge in the conceptualizing, planning and execution of projects and events management needs. We ensure that projects are effectively, strategically and professional executed in keeping with the deliverables expressed in a creative and innovative manner that surpasses the expectations of our clients.

Our Aim
- Effective design, planning and execution of the objectives of the project/event in keeping with the guidelines and deliverables
- Proper use of resources and data management techniques in executing the project/event
- Execution is completed within timelines while surpassing the expectations of the clients
Boost morale of the employees and re-energizes their drive
Builds team synergy and cohesiveness
Reduces workplace tension

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