With years of experience working within the discipline of protocol and logistics management, Value Added Services will support organizations and planners in ensuring proper protocol practices are followed when considering the following for state and other events and ceremonies:
1. Seating protocols
2. Meeting and greeting protocols
3. Flag protocols
4. Ushering and liaison practices
5. Programme flow; among many others

Our Aim

• To facilitate proper techniques in cross-cultural relations and communications.

• To provide protocol and etiquette expertise for managing public, private, government and state events.

• To uplift organizations’ brand – both internally and externally – to outshine competition.
Logistics management


Having a team of experts in protocol management to effectively support the execution of all official events, meetings & ceremonies
Having a key interlocutor to represent your establishment and all other public or private organizations for all aspects of visits and handling of high-level dignitaries.
A team that provides guidance and advice to the organization on protocol rules concerning correspondence forms of addresses, official etiquette, order of precedence, flag regulation, seating arrangement, choice on exchange of gift etc.

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